Beware the Black Swan in the Mining Industry

Here’s a useful example of our work with Mobius Consulting. A listed mining house required an information security health check comprising internal and external pentests as well as a threat simulation. The Mobius Consulting team performed a gap assessment against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which is normally an interview-based and document review exercise. 

In this case, the gap assessment was validated by the results of our pentesting services, which mapped almost perfectly to the NIST results. All told, the client was assessed to be mature in Protect, but not in Respond and Recover. 

With this weakness identified, the Mobius Consulting team was able to draft a roadmap of activities for the client to remediate the gaps identified and improve their overall security posture. 

Let Mobius Binary determine whether your application, system, or network is clearly secure or not.

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